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Why Coupons Can Help a Store Earn New Customers

My mom has loved shopping at Bed Bath and Beyond for years. The only time I would go there is when I went back home to visit her, because there aren’t any close to where I live. On my last visit there, I noticed that she was looking at some silverware patterns. When I asked her if she was going to get a new set, she told me she will one day. I could tell she was really indecisive though and wanted a new set. When I went home, I searched for Bed Bath and Beyond coupons 2016, knowing that I was going to get her the set that she had looked at.

Since I had no way of getting them unless she was with me, I decided to just order them online and surprise her. I am not the type to pay full price for anything if I can help it, which is why I was glad to find coupons for this store. Not every store will put out coupons for their customers to use, but the smart ones will. Let me explain myself. The only reason why I even shop there now is because of the incredible savings that I got on my mom’s new silverware.

Granted, I liked the store just fine before, but it was not on my top five places to shop, mainly because there was not one close to me. When I was able to use a coupon code to get nearly 40 dollars off her silverware though, I knew that I was going to be back to shop even more there. In addition to using the coupon, I was also able to snag free delivery because my order was over a certain amount. They got a nice sale from me, I got incredible savings, and they earned a new customer from it.

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