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Went to Talk with My CPA

Like anyone I am interested in all of the tax relief that I can get, but I am worried that the last guy who was doing my taxes may have been a lot more brave than he needed to be. You want to walk up to the line and look at it really hard, but you do not want to cross over it. You definitely do not want to do the sorts of things which makes the IRS want to look really closely at you. That is such a big pain in the butt that there is not any profit in risking it. More to the point, life is short and you want to enjoy it as much as you can. That is really hard when you have the government crawling up in your business half of your life. Once they get started on you that sort of thing there is not any telling what can happen.

So I want to protect myself and have a second look at what this other guy did, mostly because I found out that he got in hot water on some other stuff. It is all really complicated and a lay person is not going to be able to figure it out. You really have to have expert guidance and the guy who you pick has to be honest, then you need a second guy to look over that first guy’s should and make sure that he is not trying to be too clever. Some of these guys would be able to rob you blind for years and keep you from figuring it out if you did not come in behind them and audit them. Of course the last thing you want to do is fix it so that government wants to use that little word.

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