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We Needed to Have Renters Insurance

When my husband and I decided to move south, we already knew we wanted Florida to be our new home state. We had both lived in Florida in the past, and we both missed it something terrible. Also, the northern winters had beaten us up pretty bad, so we were ready for some sunshine year round. We knew that we wanted to live there, but we had trouble finding the home of our dreams. We finally decided to rent for a year as long as we could find affordable Florida home insurance for renters.

If we could do that, then we would take our time and look for a place that we could buy. Before going that route though, we wanted to make sure that we would be able to get affordable insurance for renters. We have always had homeowners insurance since we were married, and this would be the first time that we had to look at renters insurance instead. We just wanted to make sure that we would be covered should anything happen to our things. We have really nice furniture, plus all of our electronics and clothes means that we would be in a world of trouble if something were to happen and we were not insured.

Thankfully, we were able to find an insurance company that not only provides the proper renters insurance at a great rate but other types of insurances too. Since we would need to have a new car insurance company, we decided to get a quote on the two policies bundled together. It was extremely affordable, and it gives us an incredible amount of peace of mind, because we don’t have to think about all the what-if scenarios that could happen. Now, we can just focus on finding the perfect house for the two of us to live happily ever after in.

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