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There is a Great Way to Get Old Debt

As a landscaper, I work a lot of hours. I get up most mornings at 5 AM so that I can be on the road by 7 AM to see my first customer of the day. I often do not finish my work day until 8 PM each night, and I am often tired and have little time left before I need to be in bed again. Making phone calls to some of my customers who don’t pay on time is not something I have time for. I called Professional Recovery Consultants to ask them what can be done about this, and they have been great.

It costs me time and money to have to make a lot of calls to customers. I work on Saturdays and Sundays as well, so I don’t have any free days to chase down customers for past-due payments. My weekends may be a little quieter than my Monday through Friday hours are, but chasing customers via the phone takes quite a bit of time. I need to keep up with taking care of my customer’s lawns first, so chasing payments on my own won’t work. Yet, getting paid is also important.

Working with a debt recovery business means that I can sell old debt to them for a certain price, and then the matter is out of my hands. I then drop that customer because they can’t be trusted to pay me on time in the future, and the recovery business then works toward collecting the very old debts so that they make money, too. I used to let this type of thing go by the wayside due to lack of time, but I always paid for it in the end because I needed the money. After I sell off the information about these customers to this business, I’m able to take the payments and pay my own bills, without having to waste time on non-paying customers on top of it.

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