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My Son Committed Tax Fraud

When my son called me not long ago, I had no idea that he was going to break my heart with that conversation. He told me that he had found an easy way to make money at his job, and he continued on with doing it because easy money was just too hard to resist. However, the easy money came at a cost, which was ethics and morals. He was in trouble, and he asked me if I could find him the best tax lawyer in NYC. Even though I was disappointed that he had tried to make a better living by being dishonest, I will always love him.

I already knew that the best attorney could be found at Selig and Associates. I had seen advertisements, plus I had read about them in the news now and again. I wasted no time in getting my son an appointment with them, and I even offered to go with him. He refused though, and I think that was mostly because of shame. He thought that by claiming a few jobs on his company taxes, no one would find out. The first year, he did that on two contracted jobs. The next year, he did it on ten more.

I wish I could have told him that he would eventually get caught. There are people who devote their entire lives to catching people who commit tax fraud, but I just had no idea he was even doing this. It certainly looked like he would face some jail time, plus repay a good bit of money that he had fraudulently kept hidden. Thanks to the expert tax attorneys, he was spared jail time, though he did have hefty fines. It hurt him financially to repay them, and he is glad that part of his life is over. We are both just thankful that he did not have to lose any years of his life to jail!

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