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Looking at Somewhat Riskier Investments

I have started to think about whether or not I want to start doing somewhat riskier investments with the potential for higher returns. Of course that does not mean that that I am ready to get involves in stuff that is overly risky. For example the other day this fellow I know was talking about how to choose the right binary options broker, but when you look at it closely this is pretty much straight up gambling. You are betting on one of two outcomes, if you win you get something from it obviously. If you lose, then you lose all of the initial bet. That just is not something that makes me feel good. If I was certain that I would win, then obviously it would be okay. However in most cases one outcome is just as likely as the other. You might be betting on just about any thing in the world, but most of the time this revolves around the price of a commodity. For example you could be betting that the price of coffee beans would go up and not down. It is an all or nothing wager, so you want to be right all of the time. However there is not much way to know exactly where the price of a commodity is going to go. Most of the people who do this as a way to earn their living are trying to use it as a way to hedge their bets. They have it set up so that no matter what happens they do not come out of it losing everything, but they are playing a much more complicated game than I am equipped to play. This sort of thing just does not make a lot of sense for an ordinary investor like me.

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