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Insurance to Cover the Damage

One of my neighbors had a leaky roof that turned into something far worse. The water cause mold to grow and the wood began to rod. It was a good thing that he caught it in time, because the roof could have caved in at any time, and it could have possibly crushed anyone on the upper level at the time. Unfortunately, his home insurance didn’t cover roof damage, so he had to pay for it out of his pocket. Fearing a similar situation, I looked for Palatka home insurance that would cover any damage done to my roof.

Looking at the quotes from the insurance company, they were much better than what I was paying for insurance. My insurance didn’t have any kind of coverage that would cover roof damage, either by something landing on it or from leaks and mold. I didn’t think I needed it at the time I purchased the insurance, and it cost extra to have this stuff included, so I opted to get a plan without it. Things are a little bit different than they were back then. I have more income because I have a better job, and the chances of something going wrong with a roof are greater.

It was a good thing that I was able to get the insurance for such a good price. With full coverage for my roof and other areas, I was ready to look into getting better insurance for other things. My life insurance policy needed to be updated, and I felt that I was paying way too much for car insurance, especially since I had never been in any kind of accident, nor was I was young as I was when I first got the insurance. Age plays a big part in how much you pay for insurance.

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