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I Wonder What to Specialize in

I have always known that I wanted to do something in computer science. When I was about ten years old we had a neighbor who lived just down the block. He was about twenty five years old, maybe younger. However he had a house and a nice car, more importantly he had the sort of girlfriend you dream about. She would catch me staring at her and she really seemed to like it. So I started to learn about his job, programming. Right now I am thinking about the bitcoin evolution and the reason why all sorts of bit corporations and governmental departments are really interested in the technology that it is based upon. I have gotten good enough at the basics of computer science that I can start to think of it. I managed to get out of high school early and I started at technical school with a big head start on the sort of thing I was interested in.

I already have a couple of jobs lined up, but they are really back up options so far as I am concerned. I did not do all the work involved so that I would be disappointed or have to wait my turn. In fact I have been able to make some decent money freelancing. Mostly I did that stuff to have experience that I could put on my resume. If you are looking for a job, the best way to get one is to show people you have done what they want you to do. I could actually make a fair living like that and maybe turn it into an actual business. However the taxes on the self employed are really a killer for that plan. You would have to charge extra to make it worth the effort in fact.

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