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I Wanted a Simple Way to Help Customers and Protect Myself, Too

I decided to become a veterinarian at a pretty young age because I wanted to help. There are a lot of doctors in the world who help humans. But I have always been a bit more connected to animals., plus, there are a lot of people that don’t want to be a vet because it doesn’t come with as much money as being a doctor for humans provides. Along the way, I have needed to find a debt collection process that works well because some of my clients take advantage of me when I offer payment plans for my services. The only other option was to not offer payment plans at all, and I don’t want that because it means I would be helping fewer pets.

A lot of different Veterinary businesses do not offer installment payment options to their customers. This means that customers are often turned away and have little to no option to save their pets because they can’t afford a $1,000 bill up front. Often, clients are quick to blame the vet saying that the vet cares more about money than they do animals. This isn’t true. Most people get into this line of business because of how much they do care about animals more than the average person does. We have overhead costs. We need to charge enough to cover our location, utilities, employee salaries, new equipment, training and more.

I wanted to see if I could make payment plans an option for my customers who need that option. Most people pay, but a sizeable percentage of people do not. As soon as I treat their cat or dog and make them well again, I never see any more payments from the owner. For these people, I have started working with a debt collection agency and that has helped fix the problem.

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