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I Needed to Face Facts and Get Some Help

It took me awhile to realize that my only hope of making things right again was to get the help of a Los Angeles tax attorney so that I would not make things even worse on my own. I had neglected to pay my taxes for over 5 years. The day that I received a letter stating that my payments from my clients would be garnished due to not paying taxes, I found myself incredibly embarrassed. I knew that letter meant that all of my clients had also received a copy of the same letter. I first wanted to stick my head in the sand and do nothing, but I also knew that I needed to figure out a solution.

The reason that I didn’t file a return for five years is because I was simply trying to make ends meet. When my wife first became pregnant, we were so happy. We were not quite ready for a new baby at that point, but we knew that we would be okay. But four months into her pregnancy, she went in for her first ultrasound. The ultrasound technician looked at my wife and me with a look of surprise and then said, “Congratulations! I don’t hear just one heartbeat, there are three separate heartbeats.” We were happy, but we were also very scared about having enough money to take care of three children at once.

I’m a blue collar worker. I am self-employed and try to do the best that I can to make sure that we pay our bills on time and that we have food on the table. I did not play to continue not paying taxes permanently. I planned only to do it until I could start making more money, but that never happened. Using a tax attorney allowed me to negotiate a payment plan so that I could pay back what I owed over time.

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