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I Learned How to Be More Responsible After a Recent Conversation with My Boyfriend

When my boyfriend found out that I wasn’t doing my taxes, he was not pleased about it. He asked me why I wasn’t doing something that everyone in the country needs to do. I sheepishly explained that I really didn’t know how to do my taxes. He explained that there is easy tax software available that anyone can use to make the whole process much more simple. I always thought that sort of thing was for people who make a lot of money or own a business. He explained that this wasn’t true, and then promptly went online and helped me to find some easy-to-use software that would help me.

I learned how to grow up a little after the tax conversation. Putting things off had been a specialty of mine. It is also something that caused me to have trouble keeping up with life in general on a regular basis. My idea of getting through life often had to do with ignoring things and hoping problems would go away if they were ignored long enough. I knew this was a bad habit in many ways, but I did it continually without really examining the issue. Not doing my taxes was stressful for me every year, but I never bothered to look for help prior to someone pointing it out to me.

My boyfriend is pretty organized in life. We have always been very happy together, but he has often frowned on the fact that I didn’t take care of things quickly. I knew that he wanted to be married to someone who wouldn’t drag him down and cause problems for his life, so I began working on being more responsible. I had known for quiet some time that not being responsible enough was one of the things that had been keeping him from asking me to marry him. It didn’t take long for him to notice that I was making changes to stop that, and he soon pointed out that he was proud of me for learning to take charge.

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