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I Had Gold Coins and Broken Jewelry from Metal Detecting That I Wanted to Sell

I have had some coins since I was a young child. I have always been into using a metal detector. I got pretty good at finding things at places where the public would gather, and I had a reputation of not leaving any marks on the ground. Private property owners then let me hunt for things. I would split finds with them. If it was only one item, I would sell it and split the money. Some of the old coins were worth a lot, so I was looking for gold coin dealers in Nashville to sell a few for the highest return to me.

Gold keeps going up. I had jewelry pieces made of gold too. I would find all kinds of things from rings to watches. Of course, I have also found my share of the old pull-off pop tabs that went out of style probably back in the late 1970s or early 1980s. Those aluminum tabs are still plenteous in any area where the public would gather to eat and drink for the last few decades. They are right there just a couple of inches into the dirt pretty much everywhere. They can be so troublesome that you miss a good find by getting tired of digging them up. If you discriminate too much to ignore them, you could miss a small gold coin or other valuable item.

I took my collection of gold jewelry, much of which was bent or broken, to the best of the gold coin dealers in Nashville that I found. The weight of the messed up jewelry pieces netted me a tidy sum. The value of the gold coins increased that by a wide margin. My wife and I were able to put a nice down payment on the motorhome we wanted to buy. I will be able to help supplement the payments and maintenance by finding things in other parts of the country. I have pretty much found most of the rare items buried in the dirt in our neck of the woods.

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