How Independent Valuers Work?

Independent Valuers is licensed professional individuals who are employed by banks as independent financial consultants. They are the individual authorized to make the financial decisions for the bank. The main purpose of these professionals is to assist the bank in deciding the best option and in identifying the most profitable way to achieve a particular financial goal. Some of these individuals, however, are also employed in independent financial firms that deal with various types of finance. It is also very common for independent financial consultants to work as brokers or advisors in the investment and financial services sectors.

Independent valuers – The financial decisions for the bank

Independent financial consultants are normally hired to manage small businesses. Some companies have a limited budget and they might need independent financial consultants to help them formulate the business strategy and budget. In many cases, independent financial consultants are responsible for taking the first step towards establishing a new venture. They will assist the company in finding the right kind of partners, acquiring the right amount of capital and other information that can help them in their future success. Independent financial consultants usually charge on a per-project basis.

As previously mentioned, independent financial consultants are often employed by banks as independent financial advisers. However, in some countries like Ireland, the Financial Ombudsman Service has granted the legal authority to financial consultants to act as fiduciaries.

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