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How Do You Go About Getting an Internship

I have started thinking about how to go about getting an internship. I was not sure what sort of one I was looking for, but I happened to check out youtube and I found a couple of videos on the topic. One was by this place called Warwick associates and they were in the Investment Banking business. Of course they were talking about how to impress the people that you were the one they should pick. It is pretty obvious that the internships that are most worth having are going to be the ones that are the toughest to get hold of. The concepts involved in the process are all of the obvious ones that you would want to demonstrate if you were going after any position. First of all you would need to demonstrate that you were willing to work hard to get where you wanted to be. That is what they are going to care the most about. No matter how smart you are it is necessary to exert a great effort to get to where you want to be.

Competence is the next big thing. You would have to have that. So it is well that I have done well in school and also that I have a few extracurricular ququalifications. The ability to operate as part of a team is a big deal to a company or any organization. Lots of people see themselves as the hero in the story, but what people need are guys who are going to do the tough things even when it is not any fun. One of the toughest things to do is be cheerful in the face of boredom and drudgery. Since you are going to have a lot of that stuff, it is best if you can handle it.

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