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Hiring a San Jose Accounting Firm Was a Really Good Idea

I was always filing for an extension to do my business taxes. It was tough doing everything we needed to do to run our home business and keep the house running efficiently. Then we had to add meticulous bookkeeping to the list to keep the tax people happy. I was looking at how much it was costing us in man hours to do our own bookkeeping versus what it would cost to have a professional San Jose accounting firm do it for us. We thought we were too small of a business to benefit from having an accountant do anything other than our taxes.

We had a small payroll of five employees of which my wife and I were two of them. So it was only three other people who worked with us in our small cottage industry. We paid a living wage to ourselves and our employees. We provided a good healthcare insurance policy. We stayed small and within our means maximizing our profits to benefit the people we had rather than looking for constant expansion. This is why it took so long for us to decide to go ahead and pay for the San Jose accounting firm to take over our bookkeeping and payroll for us.

The amount of hours it saved actually allows us to earn more money. It frees us to actually do more of the work we are getting paid to do rather than doing the busy work of pushing papers. This year we will be giving a much more substantial Christmas bonus, and we have enough to keep our healthcare at its low copay amounts since we have more income to work with. My wife and I will even be able to take that vacation to the Keys this winter. I never thought spending some money would help us earn much more in return.

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