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A Better Variety of Food Because of Coupons

I am all about saving money. I am a single mother raising two boys, so it is something that is necessary to do if I am going to make my paycheck stretch to cover all of our bills. One of the ways that I do this is by using printable manufacturer coupons at the grocery store. I don’t qualify for any government assistance because I make just a few dollars more than the minimum allowed, so I had to get creative on ways to save money at the store. I did not want my boys eating beans and rice for every meal, and now they have a really nice variety because of the coupons that I use.

I am able to print them at work since I don’t have a computer at home. My boss doesn’t mind because he knows my situation, and I get all of my work done too. His wife also uses coupons, and they are at the other end of the financial spectrum, so it is interesting to see that people of all walks of life use them. I even read a stat about that on one of the coupon sites that I use, and I know that I will continue to use coupons even once I get a bit more financially free.

I am able to get so many different things using the coupons too. Sometimes I will get a deal where I can get fresh produce and dairy products by simply purchasing something else. I get the majority of my savings on staple items such as canned goods, frozen dishes and cereal. I even save money on juice and other drinks. I cannot remember the last time I paid full price for any of their drinks! Using these coupons has meant the difference between enjoying life and barely surviving!

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